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[::..antipolo home..::]
::our garden::
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::our friends::
::jay's 37th b-day::
::xmas 2002::
::Antipolo Swimming::
::parents anniversary::
::home in august::
::xmas 2003::
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::usa 2003::
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::batjay - sars::

antipolo home pictures come,enter our garden and smell the flowers the flowers of our garden enter our humble home Everytime we go home, friends come to spend time with us jay's 37th bday party

home again for christmas 2002 swimming party at home with family short vacation june 2003 - wedding anniversary of jet's parents jay's trip back home in august, swimming party with family and friends christmas 2003,  family gatherings, inuman with friends, house photos

jay and jet's trip to california, january 2004 jay and jet travels the world Jay and Jet in Beijing, China - November 2002 trip to fort santiago, luneta and manila bay tagaytay and punta fuego jay in the US - september 2003kunming china, november 2003 australia trip - sydney and perth trip to shanghai, july 2003 my favorite project site - mount apo trips to japan, korea and orlando

the ramirez family album ang pamilya david. well part of the pamilya david family album The Pamilya Ramirez Christmas Party 2002, Jordan Heights Family Home The David-Sereno Christmas Party

singapore's china town during chinese new year singapore east coast - katong bakery In September 2002, Jay and Jet moved to the East Coast our singapore home and the many things that we do there Jet and Jay spent a day in Orchard Road What's it like to have a local barbeque with Chinese friends

Singapore's World Famous Nocturnal Attraction Jay and Jet arrived in 2001 in Singapore and settled in the island's West Coast Nes and Tess Dabu's Vacation in Singapore BatJay in Singapore during SARS Jay just got a bike recently and he rode it along the beach one Sunday afternoon

There's so much to tell and I don't know where to start or how to. A lot of the things that happened are so laden with emotions and family stuff that telling you about it would entail digging up a lot of history. And because these vacations have become special interludes I keep looking forward to in my current life, I wouldn't want to tell my stories just for the heck of it. So maybe I will write about it now, or in the coming days or weeks, or maybe I won't. I will when I do. There really is no rush anyway, is there?

A little trivia for you... Alma met her husband, Cesar, at our neighborhood in Jordan Heights back in the Philippines. I met fafa Jay at Alma's neighborhood in GSIS Village. And let me remind you that my sister Darlene's husband is fafa Jay's friend fom kindergarten at Notre Dame. Makes me think... we seem to keep a pretty tight circle of friends that eventually become family.
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